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This list is quite irssi irc chat specific. Seems logical, given the name of this page.

If there is an asterisk within the version, that command is most likely as universal a command as could exist.

Also, check out:

Network Commands

Network List


Shows the current configurations list of available networks. [v1.2.0]

Connect to a Network


Connects to a network. In the above, the command connects to the EFNet network. [v1.2.0]

Channel Commands

Names of Who is in a Channel

/NAMES #irssi

Shows the current user list within the given channel. [v1.2.0]

For more information, see the irssi documentation.

Join a Channel

/JOIN #irssi

Join a channel. In the above, the command joins the #irssi channel. [v1.2.0]

Part or Exit a Channel

/PART #irssi

Part or leave a channel. In the above, the command exits the #irssi channel. [v1.2.0]

Ignore Joins, Parts, Quits and Nicks Messages

/IGNORE -channels #channel * JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS

To ignore these types of messages in IRSSI use this command. It can be formatted in various ways. For more information, go to the documentation. [v1.2.0]

IRSSI Commands

Change Between Windows


Jump to Next window. [v1.2.0]


Jump to Previous window. [v1.2.0]

Auto Logging

/SET autolog ON

This starts autologging. It logs all channels and private messages to specified directory. [v1.2.0]

In Ubuntu 18.04, in v1.2.0, the default location is: ~/irclogs/

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