Debian Linux

Debian is preferred over Ubuntu due to Ubuntu's desire to capture so much data about users, honestly unnecessarily.

Any missing versions within a description are not statements of unavailability. Though I am sure I used them, I simply do not remember testing these commands in other versions of Ubuntu, and would rather not list them if not one-hundred percent confident in their existence.

If there is an asterisk within the version, that command is most likely as universal a command as could exist.



Installed by default, and shows the current month. [v10 buster]

cal -3

There are quite a few nice options for cal, such as '-3' which shows the previous, current, and next month surrounding today. [v10 buster]

Change Directory


Change the shell working directory. Recommend 'cd --help' to learn more options of cd. [v*,v10 buster]

Disk Free


Reports file system disk space usage. [v10 buster]

df -h

Reports file system disk space usage in "human readable format". [v10 buster]

Free Memory


Display amount of free and used memory in the system. [v10 buster]

List Directory Contents


List directory contents. Highly recommend 'man ls' to learn more options of ls. [v*,v10 buster]

Linux Standard Base - Version

lsb_release -a

This will return the exact release version of Debian Linux installed. [v10 buster]

Present Working Directory


Print name of current/working directory. [v10 buster]

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